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            Can Provide the bottles for: Cosmetic bottles

              Quinko’s rich experience in the field of PET plastic packaging make us not only become the industry expert but also have professional skill in many areas. 

              So far Quinko have provided more than 1000 blow moulding machine for more than 90 countries in the world. We will always keep researching and innovating in the fastest-growing market and make sure us and our customer to be the leader of our industry.

              Suitable for variety products under small quantity; the wide scope of application; meet customers' needs.

              Output :1200-4500 BPH,Number of cavity: 2-6


            Minimum space

            Upgrade power efficiency

            Upgrade production capacity

            Linear construction transports preform for  heating and bottle forming

            Simplified operation by MMI control panel

            Modular design facilitates maintenance

            Save investment and enhance competition

            More detailed parameters >>