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            Peripheral Equipment for blowing machine

              WATER CHILLERS  Chillers are designed to be air-cooled and water-cooled. The precise mould temperature controllers are designed for cooling blowing mould temperature to achieve higher quality of the bottle surface shaping and lower cycle time for higher efficiency of blow molding machine

              MOLD TEMPERATURE CONTROLLERS  The oil Heats Mold Temperature Controller is for blowing mold's heating and constant temperature. It offers German pumps and P.I.D temperature control giving full digital setting and fault display. The heating temperature can be up to 200℃ for the shaping blown bottles heating resistant

              COOLING TOWER & PUMP  The tower feature's springling system is on the purpose of heat sink and cooling water. The recycled water could control the outlet temperature and filter the impurities to avoid the pipes jammed inside the blow molding machine 


              AIR COMPRESSOR  The compressed air system is to match the blow molding machine's request. With fully purified air system,dry and clean high pressure air for blowing bottles can reduce the rust of pipes,wear and tear of pneumatic cylinders. High quality of compressed air could keep stable and higher capacity and extend the lifespan of blow molding machine